Healing, Health & Well-Being: Free Information Sessions for Veterans and Their Families

Peggys Cove Lighthouse NS Canada

Veteran’s For Healing Global is hosting free information sessions to support and guide Veterans and their families in their journey of healing, health and well-being. We’ll be bringing together our community, enjoying a complimentary lunch, and helping you through our client-care model.

Join us and register for any one of the following dates to learn more:


  1. Are you a Veteran who needs assistance with VAC entitlements, claims, and authorizations? 
  2. Have you ever been denied a claim from VAC?
  3. Do you need access to consistent #1 quality, craft, organic, medical cannabis?
  4. Would you like help knowing what VAC treatment programs are available and how to access them?
  5. Are you seeking for opportunities to connect with peer support and community?

We’ll be offering our guidance and expertise through the Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC) process, educating you on alternative plant medicine, and providing you with the next steps on how to begin the healing journey.


Veterans For Healing Global (VFHG) is a Canadian company committed to helping support and guide Veterans and their families through their journey in health, healing, and well-being with our comprehensive client-care model.

We believe in optimal health and are dedicated to uncompromised quality products, vital research, helpful social programs, and innovative treatments. By standing alongside Veterans and their family members, we’re able to provide the necessary resources through the 4 Pillars of Healing.


Assistance & Access

Veterans receive personal guidance and facilitation through the Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC) sign-up process, medical paperwork, and approvals.

Medical Experts

Veterans gain access to our group of trusted medical experts and health practitioners – all specializing in trauma and PTSD treatment.

Alternative Plant Medicine

Veterans consistently receive government-funded plant medicine specifically crafted and grown to treat trauma, PTSD, and other mental health disorders.

Ongoing Support

Veterans become part of an understanding and supportive community that encourages healing and prosperity.


  1. Fabian Henry – Co-CEO & Director at Veterans For Healing Global
  2. Amy Green – VP Veterans Relations at Veterans For Healing Global
  3. Robin Levesconte – Client Care Director at Veterans For Healing Global
  4. Shaun Good – Co-CEO & Director at Veterans For Healing Global
  5. Myrna Gillis – Co-Founder & CEO of Aqualitas Inc
  6. Scott Cormier – Veteran & Veteran Advocate
  7. Trent Nurse – Veteran & Veteran Advocate

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Veterans For Healing Global (VFHG) is dedicated to improving the lives of veterans and their families through client-focused, evidence-based cannabis patient services and products.


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