How VFHG Investors Have Helped Changed The Landscape Of An Untouched Canadian Market

Canadian Company Cannabis Investment Updates

Over the recent months, with the diligence of our team and investments from visionaries, we’ve achieved new milestones that are helping us improve the lives of Veterans across Canada.

In April 2022, Premium Green Organics Global merged with Veterans For Healing to create Veterans For Healing Global (VFHG). VFHG now reaches from coast-to-coast as we serve our Veterans and help them heal through trauma and PTSD with the 4 Pillars of Healing.

In taking an unprecedented approach to providing full-scope patient care, Fabian Henry and Amy Green have onboarded another 100 Veterans in the last 90 days, bringing us to having over 225 Veterans sign up and closer to our goal of onboarding 500+ by the end of 2022. As each patient is government-funded $9,000-$31,000 annually, 500 patients will generate annual revenue from $4,500.000 to $15,500,000 for VFHG.

Through our expansion and continued business growth, we’ve established another Health Canada-approved growing facility, giving us an additional 7000 sq ft for premium plant production. In doing so, we’ve more than tripled our plant production capabilities to meet our patient demand.

Providing consistent, effective, and high-quality plant medicine is critical for Veterans in their healing journey. In honoring their needs and after intricate R&D, we’ve purchased the rights to proprietary genetics explicitly crafted for trauma and PTSD treatment – all that has been Veteran approved!

In August, 2022, we’ll be opening up a new office in Sydney, NS in which Veterans can be personally assisted and cared for by our team and our specialized medical experts.

With increased momentum into a global market, we’ve started working with NSUR which is issuing US Veterans the NSURx prescription savings cards to provide them with savings up to 80% off the cost of their prescriptions at more than 35,000 pharmacies country-wide.

In addition, NSUR, Inc rewards Veterans in crypto that can be used on NSUR’s shopping platform to buy a wealth of health and wellness products. Moreover, every time a Veteran uses their NSURx card to purchase prescriptions, they will also be giving back to a Veterans-focused charity.

With such progress, our VFHG team continues to grow with new hires in quality assurance, administration, and sales. We’ve also brought forth new candidates to join the board of directors, Gerry Abday and Jim Mustard. With their extensive experience in business development and patient care, our board of directors will be further strengthened.

And finally, in October 2022, we will be hosting a multi-city tour in Nova Scotia with events designed to educate Veterans, grow our community, and welcome them into new trauma and PTSD treatment solutions.

We want to extend our gratitude to all of our early investors as we could not have done this without them.

If you’re interested in exploring an investment opportunity with us, I’ll welcome you to get in touch with our Co-CEO and Director, Shaun Good, or book a 30-min call. We’d be happy to discuss our future path and answer any questions you might have. Let’s create our future!

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